Terms and conditions

What does your Service Agreement consist of?

The application form, these terms and conditions, together with any correspondence sent to you, as

well as any verbal agreements we make, form the service agreement between the relevant parties. Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with the content of all these documents and that all the

detail completed on the application form is correct and accurate.


What service do we provide to you?

In case of a request for service, the following procedures will be followed;

a. The insured reports the incident through the toll free MAREC number and supply the operator with his / her MAREC Client Number.

b. A list of accredited repair shops will be available to the insured, but it is not mandatory for the

insured to make use of these shops. This is merely a service rendered to guide the insured to a respectable repairer. In the case of a vehicle already parked at a repair shop, the onus is on the insured to supply MAREC with all relevant details.

c. Your vehicle must be at a recognized SAMBRA graded repair facility

(Major damage = Major Structural Repairer)

d. Expertly qualified MAREC technicians (pall qualified panel beaters) will be at service to the insured during the repair cycle of the vehicle.

e. MARECís expert technician will make 2 scheduled visits to the repair shop during the repair cycle, followed by a final progress report before signing-off the vehicle. The insured will be updated on progress by means of SMS messages.

f.   After the vehicle is repaired, a MAREC technician will do a final inspection to verify and do the following;

i.   That vehicle was repaired to manufacturers specification

ii.   All parts replaced as per quotation

iii.  Ensuring that only original parts were used during repairs and not second hand or pirate / generic parts

iv. That parts were replaced as per quoted labour price

v.  That work was done to industry best practises. He will then issue a report / certificate to that effect.


Service Agreement changes and cancellation?

We may change or cancel your service agreement by giving you 30 days notice. We may give the notice verbally, electronically, by fax or by post to your last known address. Any change or cancellation which you make will be effective from the date and time agreed to. Please note that if you cancel your service agreement during the course of the month, the premium paid for that month will not be refunded to you.



Your service agreement is a monthly agreement. Payments must be made in advance on the deduction dates as supplied on the application form or can be paid in full for the financing term of your motor vehicle. A non listed vehicle will be verified for a fee of R 650.00 excluding VAT.


Payment not received

If we do not receive the payment for a policy on the deduction dates as stated on the application form, you will not receive any service delivery from us for the period for which you did not pay. From the second monthís due payment, we will allow a 15-day period of grace for payment. If we do not receive the payment for 2 (two) months in a row, your service agreement will be cancelled immediately.


Your obligations

If you do not fulfill any of the following obligations, your service agreement may be cancelled. Your obligations are to:

a. give us true and complete information.

b. agree to comply with all our reasonable requests.

c. inform us if any of you insurance policy details or declarations has changed in the time since you have the policy.

d. if your vehicle is NOT listed on our database (It is your responsibility to add more vehicles at an additional cost of R 12.50     per month per vehicle) it will not be inspected.

e. infom us of any change of address