MAREC provides an Asset Protector Service in the unforeseen event of your motor vehicle being

involved in an accident. (23% probability according to statistics). MAREC will act in the interest of the motor vehicle owner during the repair process and our competent technical personnel will guide the client through this more than often stressful experience.


Activating our specialised services is only a telephone call away through the MAREC 24/7 Call-centre

(08610 MAREC). Qualified personnel will assist the client and log the incident onto the MAREC system

for immediate action.


As soon as all relevant information is logged onto the system, the client can sit back and relax knowing that his motor vehicle is expertly monitored by our specialist personnel.


The MAREC specialised inspector will make at least 3 inspections on site to ensure that ALL

requirements are met in terms of the administrative as well as the technical repair process.  


The MAREC client is updated via SMS / E-mail on the progress of the motor vehicle repair process.


MAREC will perform a complete forensic audit on parts and labour provided by the panel beater.


The MAREC inspector will issue a Quality Assurance Certificate, after the vehicle has passed our stringent quality checks.


 MAREC ensures that the highest industry standards are upheld throughout the process.


The MAREC service ensures that the client’s valued asset maintains its worth by ensuring the vehicle is properly repaired, according to industry best practises and standards.


Knowing that, in the event of a mishap, a vehicle will be restored to its original glory, the MAREC client can now have peace of mind that competent and technically qualified personnel will always be on hand to assist in the often traumatic experience motorists have to endure within the panel beating industry.


We are confident that the MAREC Quality Assurance Certificate will still become THE STANDARD to measure quality repairs on motor vehicles. This is especially valuable in the event where a client needs to re-sell his / her previously damaged vehicle. The MAREC certificate is proof that ALL repair work was done to industry best practises and that the vehicle is restored to its original value.